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SKORPIOS CRUISES Patagonian Ice Fields in Chile

Navigate to the heart of the Chilean Fjords in Patagonia aboard the Skorpios Cruises and experience a unique and exclusive adventure visiting the stunning scenery of Glaciers to see the San Rafael glacier and the fjord Quitralco among others.

The Skorpios offers two routes in the Chilean fjords: Chonos Route in Northern Ice Field, which leaves from Puerto Natales and visits the San Rafael Glacier and the Kaweskar Route in the Southern Ice Fields, that departs from Puerto Natales and visit the Amelia Glacier.

(Puerto Montt/ San Rafael Glacier/Puerto Montt)

The Skorpios II leaves from Puerto Montt which is located 1,000 kms south of Santiago de Chile and explores the Northern Ice Field of the Patagonia. You will visit picturesque settlements, fjords, soaring snow-capped mountains, peaceful villages and dense forests almost untouched by civilizationd and will be amazed by the imposing presence of the San Rafael glacier dynamics. You will navigate 800 miles through the channels and archipelagos of Llanquihue, Chiloé, Chonos and Aysén, visit the villages of Puerto Aguire and Queilen as well as the mythical city of Castro en Chiloé, until arriving at the San Rafael Glacier and the thermal springs in Quitralco.
Duration: 6 days / 5 nights
Embarkation and Disembarkation Port: Puerto Montt, Chile
Date of Departure: Available from September to May. Salling from Saturdays to Thursdays
Destinations & Attractions:
Llanquihue archipelago, Calbuco city Ancud gulf, archipelago of Chiloe and Corcovado Gulf, Moraleda and Ferronave channels ,San Rafael Lagoon, San Rafael Glacier, Quitralco pier.

(Puerto Natales/Amalia Glacier/Puerto Natales)

The Kaweskar Route explores the Southern Ice Field of the Southern Patagonia. The Skospios departs from Puerto Natales, to navigate the geography of islands, channels and fjords in Chile visiting Glaciers considered to be the third largest deposit of fresh water in the world. You will visit Pío XI glacier, the largest glacier in the hemisphere at 1,263 square km, which is almost equal to the total land area of the capital city of Santiago Chile.

Duration: 4 days / 3 nights
Embarkation and Disembarkation Port: Puerto Natales, Chile
Date of Departure: Available from September to May. Salling from Tuesday to Friday and from Friday to Monday.
Destinations & Attractions: Amalia Glacier, El Brujo Glacier, Calvo Fjord, Fernando, Capitan Constantino and Alipio Glaciers, Montañas Fjord, Bernal Glacier, Herman Glacier, Alsina and Paredes Glacier.

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