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Welcome to Across Antarctica Cruises!

Travel Agency Argentina & Antarctica
Find in Across Antarctica your Antarctica Cruise, Patagonia Cruise & your travel package to Argentina
Antarctica Cruise: Ushuaia Ship
Antarctica Cruises
USD 3350*

Trip duration
10 days, 09 nights

Key places
Península Antárctica, Pasaje de Drake, Islas Shetland.
Promotinal Departure
october 29, 2011 on board the Ushuaia ship.

*Per person

Australis Cruises Promotional departure
USD 759*
Trip duration
4 days, 3 nights

Key places
Ushuaia, Cape Horn, Magdalena island, Nena and Piloto Glacier, Punta Arenas.
Promotinal Departures
March 2012

*Per person
Antarctic Explorer: USD 750 OFF
Antarctica Cruises - 2010-2011
Before: usd 4890
Now:USD 4140
Trip duration
12 days, 11 nights

Key places
Península Antárctica, Pasaje de Drake, Islas Shetland.
Promotional departures aboard Clipper Adventurer 19th and 29th november 2011
*Per person

Tavel Agency Argentina
Across Antartica is the division of Across Argentina, an incoming travel agency in Argentina. We offer Antarctica Cruises, Patagonia cruises and travel Programs which perfectly combine the most beautiful places in Argentina with a trip on a Patagonia or Antarctica cruise. As an Travel Agency in Argentina, we have a well know knowledge of the region and of the needs and demands of visitors that allows us to make travel circuits that combine the best of Argentina, Patagonia and Antarctica trips

Antarctica Cruises
Travel Antarctica explore unique sites at the end of the World and reach places uninhabited and landscapes of extreme beauty, unique in its rich flora and fauna. Embarking and disembarking in the port of Ushuaia the itineraries of the Antarctica cruises include many of the wildlife and scenic highlights of the Antarctic Peninsula and the South Shetland Islands. The Antarctica cruises we offer are specially selected for the quality of their services and the stunning routes that they follow. If you are planning to travel to antarctica, the Antarctica cruises offer many options, from the classical Antarctica cruises to the Antarctic Peninsula on the MV Ushuaia, the Orlova Antarctica Cruise, or luxurious ships like the Antarctic Dream and the Clipper adventure Antarctica Cruise.


Travel Argentina
Comine your cruise to Antarctica & Patagonia with a visit to the wonders of Argentina. Extend your trip and travel along Argentina before or after your cruise. Travel to Iguazu Falls, stay a few nights in Buenos Aires and the Pampas, visit the lovely prehispanics towns of Quebrada de Humahuaca and Salta or viist the wine country city of Mendoza.

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